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How It Works

Capture, organize, and analyze product feedback in one place to inform your product decisions.


Capture product feedback from
your customers and teammates in one organized place.

Analyze Feedback

Use feedback data to understand
feature impact and inform your product decisions.

Prioritize Roadmap

Prioritize projects and communicate
what your team is working on with a product roadmap.

Announce Updates

Announce product updates
to engage people with your newest features.

Choose Board for every stage of your product

The customer feedback is the proved way of improving the product, growing customer and making customers feel happy

Feedback Board

Feature Voting


Change Log



Easily set up feedback board in minutes


Whats different from other product features

User Profiles

User profile in order to leave feedback on your product

Feedback Board

Collect feedback boards from all your users from your website

Custom Domain

Boards and Roadmap on your own domain to give seemless look and feel

Private Boards

Feedback boards to be used within employees or users of your app only

Custom Statuses

Customize statuses for your own boards

Update Status

Update and communicate the status of post to be visible to others

Internal Comments

Internal Comments for internal collaboration

Assign owners

Work as a team, assign owners to a post and make accountable


Users can upvote on each other`s request and empowers users

Like Comments

If your users love your comment they like the comment

Your branding

You'll never be left wondering if an email bounced and your bounce rate will decrease

SEO Friendly

Fully hosted and SEO friendly

SSL Support

With ssl keep user data secure

Team Work

Collaborate among your admins

24/7 Customer Support

You'll feel like our team is on your side and issues will be resolved quickly

Powerful Dashboard

You'll feel like our team is on your side and issues will be resolved quickly

Multi-user Accounts

You'll feel like our team is on your side and issues will be resolved quickly


You'll feel like our team is on your side and issues will be resolved quickly

Import feedback

Reach our to us for quick import from any existing data source

Build Roadmap

Use data to build roadmap


Make your portal available in multiple languages

Pay As You Grow

Have you started to collect feedback?

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Meet Client Satisfaction by using product

  • Feature Request Management

    Feature requests from your users are valuable. The last thing you want to do is build features that don't solve your customers' problems or meet their needs effectively.

  • Idea Management

    Save your time and get the best way to manage, organize, and track your ideas all in one place. Intuitive Idea Management Solution for better idea finding, management, and integration.

  • Internal Feedback

    Breaks down silos between internal teams,Don’t let ideas from your team fall through the cracks—keep them all organized and accessible. No more internal feedback getting lost in Slack or other communication channels

  • Product Management

    Product Management act as a bridge between the departments that depart their project to aid in feedback collection during development.

  • Sales

    Keep track of what your accounts want by collecting feedback and posting across your team

  • Public Roadmap

    Create, present and update your own product roadmap. Keep your customers engaged, and follow through with the development of features they are most interested in. Make changes based on user feedback and popularity to ensure that your feature set serves its purpose well.


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